This is the Artcore blog for reviews and other stuff. Artcore Fanzine is a paper mag that started in late 1985 and the first issue came out in early 1986, while I was still in school. I even handed it in to the school office for photocopying… a short while later I was banned from using the school copier for profanity.

Over the proceeding 30 plus years, making a zine turned into a rewarding experience, seeing me write about, work with, and even release music by, some bands and people I never would’ve imagined I would’ve way back as a 17 year old punk kid who knew no-one else in school who’d even heard of the obscure hardcore bands I was writing about.

In the spirit of not disappearing up my cynical old backside, I’ve decided to start this for a new home for reviews that can be easily linked. I’ll also throw up whatever else comes to mind that isn’t going to feature in the printed zine, which can be found here…

Artcore – the Website

Big Cartel



Cheers, Welly