Dry Heaves – Slim Pickings LP (Adult Crash/Viral Age)

Taking their cures from American hardcore bands of recent years that have looked to the past for their inspiration, such as Night Birds, Off!, Void Control and Psyched To Die, you wouldn’t think that Dry Heaves were from the U.K., or this decade for that matter.

From the opener ‘Weekend Warrior’ through ‘Cold Sweat’ and the title track, the snot flies on side one, doffing their caps to the likes of Circle Jerks and Angry Samoans, but throwing an element of garage punk into the mix, with just enough New Bomb Turks to give it that edge. And overall they come closest to TKO nutjobs The Randumbs.

Side two spews forth more three chord swagger on the likes of ‘Rip Off’ and ‘The Fear’, with shredding chords and tight hi-hat and snare, and the album closes with the two killer tracks from their recent 7″; ‘Monotony’ and ‘Killers In Uniform’, gobbing and sneering to the end.

The package is wrapped in some neat punk rock artwork courtesy of Danny Tremor, and you should expect to hear more from this lot, or at least you would if they were from America. Fans of the above; pick this up post-haste, or if you’re still not sure, check it out here…

Dry Heaves – Slim Pickings LP