Young Conservatives – The End Of Socialism? (Self-Released)

Continuing on from their Self-Titled 12″, this six song EP from England’s Young Conservatives arrives to coincide somewhat with the U.K. General Election, and for the sake of expediency and economics is released online.

To get a general idea, mix some of the U.K. hardcore punk of their formidable former band list that contains Imbalance, The Horror, Voorhees and The Magnificent (the list goes on), with the influence of Washington D.C. post-Revolution Summer punk of the late Eighties (evident right down to the production) and you’re nearly there.

The end result is a sound that crosses the likes of Bad Dress Sense and Jaded Eyes (‘Pure Desire’) with Government Issue (‘Steal the Fire’), Swiz and Red Hare (‘Hiding In Plain Sight’) as well as Fugazi and Lungfish (the title track). In their quieter moments you can also hear the strains of Honor Role and Moss Icon (‘For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky’).

Add to these steady punk rock rhythms, the precise socio-political commentary of Andy Bryant, that have always proved insightful throughout his long musical curriculum vitae, and you end up with a vision of music as statement.

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