As you are no doubt aware, the last couple of decades have dragged the phrase ‘pop punk’ through the mud, and these days you’re going to be hard pressed to find any band attempting the style that doesn’t suffer from one or more the stylistic pitfalls that renders it either cringe worthy or instantly dated.

In fact, there’s now an entire sub-scene of ‘pop punk’ bands, all seemingly sporting beards and adorning their record covers with nothing more than cute animal art, playing what they like to call ‘pop punk’, that actually sounds more like bland indie rock with about as much charisma as a pair of brown corduroys from 1973. SPOILERS though, manage to rise above that crowd.

So yes, while having one of those kind of modern day nondescript names, they do the ‘pop punk’ thing with enough authenticity to pull it off. So if you can get beyond that drum beat (occasionally), and cartoon cover art (where you know at least half the band is going to have a beard), then you might be surprised.

Hailing from Canterbury in Kent, with accent to boot, they come close to classic SNUFF or GUNS ‘N’ WANKERS, meaning the final product has an Englishness you’d normally only hear on old ’79 mod records, blended with fast ripping punk and an ear for a catchy melody.

So if you like the sound of SOUTHPORT and THE NO MARKS meeting up with SQUIRE and SECRET AFFAIR on a wet bank holiday seafront, before knocking back far too many dexys and jamming too fast all night to a packed house in the pavilion on the pier, then you’re in luck.

This comes on blue splatter vinyl  with insert and the whole thing on CD, and you can try before you buy here…