Doctor Bison – The Bloated Vegas Years LP/CD | Dewhursts: The Musical / Bring It On DBL LP/CD (Boss Tuneage)

After TJ’s regulars THE ABS called it a day, guitar/vocalist Baz Oldfield and his brother drummer ‘The Rev’ enlisted Dickie Hammond of HDQ and LEATHERFACE fame on guitar, and some geezer called Chepstow Reg Crumper on bass, and set about penning some tunes, with an eye on world domination.

If you’ve heard any of the above bands but not DOCTOR BISON, then the result shouldn’t surprise you; melodic rock punk utilising loud-n-quiet-with-soaring-chorus-as-the pay-off, The Bison relied on Baz’s smart arse lyrical wordplay and the signature guitar of Hammond to add flair to the steady beat underpinning their Newport ballads.

They didn’t achieve the fame or notoriety of some of their contemporaries in the wake of the fictitious ‘Welsh Seattle’ hype, so years later it has come to Boss Tuneage to remaster all their recordings for the vinyl treatment (the originals were all CD only), and the result is this set of a single and double LP or two CDs.

‘The Bloated Vegas Years’ is the first destination, for a more focused punk rock approach, whereas the later material on ‘Dewhursts: The Musical / Bring It On’ is a little more commercial in intent and meandering to these ears. All three LPs of both titles are on coloured vinyl with extra and unreleased tracks and all new graphic design.

“The attitude still lingers, six strings and two good fingers” (A Place For Us).

Doctor Bison – Boss Tuneage