Dutch communist straight edge hardcore formed in 1990 featuring two Van Den Berg brothers of LARM and SEEIN’ RED plus Michiel, Bart and Thomas who formed DEAD STOOLPIGEON when the band went on hiatus in 1998 until they rebooted in 2009. This is an album of raging anger by a bunch of older hardcore guys, proving that you do not necessarily mellow with age.

The music is not that totally dissimilar to SEEIN’ RED, and in places reminds me of fellow Dutch hardcore types BREZHNEV. Opening with ‘This Is What?’ with a crowd chanting “This is what democracy looks like!” you instantly get the mood, and on songs like ‘(Just Another) Union Song’ they sound like all your classic U.K. Oi! punk of old rolled into one, with a strong left wing message, and the album closes with a repeated chant of ‘Never Again’ on the song of the same name, finishing as they started.

The whole thing is housed in a four panel foldout sleeve with lyrics and some great photography, and you also get another poster fold-out specifically for the pro-feminist song ‘Sister’ that has the vocal talents of Meral Polat. Big John of THE EXPLOITED etc. plays guest guitar on another, and there’s a bunch of stickers with political art and comment. Killer effort.

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