Continuing their theme of surfed-out hardcore, NIGHT BIRDS are back with an album on Fat Wreck Chords.

Wasn’t sure what to expect, but there’s no discernable difference in sound, so sounds like Tubby Michael didn’t get his claws into it at least sound wise.

Taking their cues from 80’s California hardcore like ADOLESCENTS, CIRCLE JERKS, DEAD KENNEDYS and AGENT ORANGE, they do it well, though quite a few have tried this style over the years, sometimes to greater effect, and gone completely ignored, but for some reason this lot captured the punk imagination.

On songs like ‘Lapsed Catholics Need Discipline’ and Another State Of Mind influenced ‘Life Is Not Amusement To Me’ to ‘Golden Age of TV’, they show they have the musical chops to nail the style and this album will no doubt further cement their fan base.

If you have their other stuff, you’re gonna need this.

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