The latest in a long line of music documentaries covering the history of punk rock over the decades, and this time it’s the turn of a soulful Texas hardcore outfit, fronted by an angry young cross-dressing Chairman Mao fan named Gary Floyd and his band, The Dicks.

The first thing that strikes you about this is how old the footage is, with camera-mic room sound throughout the interviews, and apparently current interview footage with people like Randy ‘Biscuit’ Turner of the Big Boys, who passed away in 2005.

That said, I guess it’s taken this long to get it finished and released, and it’s not like The Dicks’ story has advanced much in the intervening years, so as long as you’re not expecting any polished state of the art production values, then you won’t be disappointed.

The story begins in 1978 with Gary Floyd returning from the legendary Sex Pistols Winterland gig in San Francisco, telling all and sundry that he was in a band called The Dicks (then only a ‘poster band’ or embryonic idea).

The Dicks and friends tell the story throughout via talking head interviews, interspersed with some quality live footage, taking in record releases, gigs and life on the road, such as their time on the ‘Rock Against Reagan’ tour in 1983.

After the tour, Gary Floyd wanted to continue the band based in San Francisco, but the other members wanted to remain in Texas stating only; “You can’t go no more West”, and The Dicks story ends here with no discussion of later S.F. based album ‘These People’.

The bonus previously unreleased live footage is the real treat here though, featuring a set at the On Broadway in San Francisco from 1982 filmed by the legendary Joe Rees of Target Video, and footage from Akron, Ohio on the ‘Rock Against Reagan’ tour in 1983.

The fact that a band like The Dicks could’ve hailed from a State like Texas at the time they did is evidence of the guts of the people involved, and this DVD will have to suffice until someone steps up and documents Texan punk as a whole.

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