Shattered Faith – Volume Three LP (Hostage)

Following on from ‘Volume One’ in 1982 and ‘Volume Two’ in 1985, this early Eighties outfit from Huntington Beach in Orange County are back for another bite in 2016 with this ten song full length on Hostage Records.

With six new songs, two re-recorded from Volumes One and Two, and two re-recorded from old classic compilation LPs ‘Sound Of Hollywood’ (Mystic Records) and ‘Who Cares’ (American Standard), the old and new blend seamlessly.

Fans of their old records such as their 1981 debut on Posh Boy Records 7″ ‘I Love America / Reagan Country’ will not be disappointed, as the clean loud production keeps their original sound intact.

If you’ve never heard SHATTERED FAITH, then look no further than other Posh Boy Recording artists of Southern California some 35 years ago; SOCIAL DISTORTION, SYMBOL SIX or THE CROWD. But then again, if you’ve heard those, you’ve probably heard S.F.

Released on no less than six different versions, this album takes the listener right back to another era… of Rodney on the Roq, the H.B. Strut and the Kids of the Black Hole. And if you even remotely know what I’m on about, then you no doubt need this.

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