Unfortunately for U.K. punk bands with older members, who weren’t on records that came out before 1983, or don’t contain former members of those classic bands of old, their new records now usually go largely ignored, except for an ever decreasing circle of diehards.

Jaded Eyes, splitting members between Leeds and London, boast an impressive list of former U.K. bands, such as Voorhees, The Horror, Kito, Catharsis, John Holmes, Manfat, One 2 One and Sex Maniacs, among others, spanning decades of time served.

Musically they take their cues from the likes of Washington D.C.’s Government Issue and Dag Nasty, and that is evident here in the driving mid-tempo and ringing guitars. More homage than imitation, the riffs stand up on their own through a British filter.

Steve Stewart’s raspy and urgent vocals are reminiscent of Andy Bryant of Imbalance, The Horror and Young Conservatives, belting out thought provoking lyrics about issues ranging from social media to Conservatism, giving the overall delivery extra bite.

This deluxe package from Boss Tuneage comes on blue vinyl, with a CD of the album, and is housed in some excellent highly original artwork by Graham Pilling. All told, this record stands alone and deserves to go beyond that ever decreasing circle of diehards.