Most people first heard Sweden’s Bristles on Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll’s classic international compilation LP ‘Welcome to 1984’ alongside the likes of Raw Power, B.G.K., and Icons of Filth, with their song ‘Don’t Give Up’ from this, their debut E.P. from 1983.

Named after a G.B.H. record, this name is a good place to start, as their approach to punk rock is definitely the studs ‘n’ leather brick wall punk approach with a touch of Oi! Three chords and two fingers in the air, which is fully evident here.

Like so many old records 30+ years on, ‘Don’t Give Up’ is now reaching ridiculous prices on the collector market, so Oliver from Threat From The Past thought it high time for the reissue treatment, and has pressed this on three different colours with original art intact.

‘Don’t Give Up’ is very much like a lot of U.K. punk of the time, with a mix of punks and skins singing about being punks and skins. Part of the charm these days being this kind of naive view of the world, was only possible from the perspective of a teenager at the time.

One of the reasons this E.P. is relevant as a re-release, is because the Bristles have reformed twice since the Eighties and continue to play to this day, their most recent album being ‘Last Days of Capitalism’ in 2015.

Another reason would be the upsurge in interest in recent years for bands playing this kind of Oi! tinged punk that was on labels of the day such as No Future, Riot City or Secret. And if any of that sounds like your bag of Evo-Stik, grab this one for a regular price.