When CULTURE SHOCK rolled into town with SCREAM on their first U.K. tour in 1986, they were a total mystery to me. They took to the stage and soon had the place bouncing. So straight after I ordered their ‘Living History’ demo tape, and wrote back to Dick Lucas for an interview that ran in an early Artcore.

I followed their progress, picking up further records as they came out, and saw them a couple more times before they disbanded and Dick’s next band CITIZEN FISH materialized, followed years later by a reformed SUBHUMANS. So it came as a surprise all these years later to receive a new CULTURE SHOCK album in the post.

Opening with a biting critique of the internet age to a festival ska back beat, it sounds like the only thing that’s changed with CULTURE SHOCK is the updated subject matter. This is followed by ‘Mindwash’, challenging the xenophobia very much in the news, and so on into other very topical matters.

Literally nothing has changed with CULTURE SHOCK  between the old records and this, they haven’t even gone all modern production, it sounds exactly like old CULTURE SHOCK. So if you’re a fan of the old stuff, or the related SUBHUMANS or CITIZEN FISH, then this will not disappoint.