Call me old fashioned but I’ve always been one for punk bands actually having something to say. Weird right? I get that now the world is well and truly fucked we’re all supposed to just seek solace in our chosen personal escapism, but for me punk rock was never about crawling up our own arses, which seems so common these days, but to hold our eyes wide open. I need to get with the times right? Fuck that.

SUBHUMANS aren’t about moping about expired relationships, or stringing meaningless bollocks together, and the first thing that hits you with every record or gig is how little has changed with this band… and that’s a good thing. From opening song ‘Terrorist in Waiting’, it’s obvious there’s no change of direction or let up on this their sixth full length studio album, and their first for 12 years.

Their rock solid song writing, sound and production is unmoved. No modern gloss, no pointless enhancement that will date it, just to-the-point no frills punk rock that sits right next the rest of their output. You only have to listen to ‘99%’ and ‘Atom Screen War’ to hear loud and clear that this band came right out of the 1970s pogo of the likes of EATER and UK SUBS, and mixed it with the razor sharp politics of the anarcho wave.

SUBHUMANS was always anger you could dance to, and they’re one of the few bands I’ll still sit and read the lyric sheet to like a big kid, and Dick’s clever insightful wordplay hasn’t lost an iota of of sharpness or wit, and on songs like ‘Poison’, about the pollution of Capitalism seeping into our every pore, the chorus does just that, leaving you singing along well after it’s concluded.

Conspiracy theories are dealt with head on in ‘Fear and Confusion’, ‘Strange Land’ discusses the plight of the refugee, while ‘Punk Machine’ talks about D.I.Y. punk rock and how people try to co-opt it and fail miserably, and the closing song ‘Thought Is Free’ tackles propaganda and thought control, leaving us with an album that’s right on time, right on the money, up to date and up for a scrap.

Pirate’s Press have really gone to town on this one, it’s on pollution coloured vinyl with a foldout lyric insert and huge SUBHUMANS logo stencil. ‘Thought Is Free’ is also available on a promo flexi, while ‘99%’ is on the new split 7″ with THE RESTARTS. And on top of that, SUBHUMANS are on one of their mammoth tours, opening up their first U.S. gig as I type. So get down there and get the Crisis Point.

“We’re the 99%, our lives are not for you to spend”.