ARMOURED FLUE UNIT, the loose collective of outraged central heating engineers from across the UK are back and even more pissed off than they were before they got this bleeding job. A lot more crust and corrosion has built up around the circulator pump, the pressure regulator is off the gauge, and now they’re down to just one van and it’s half hour to Screwfix, their thermostat has well and truly blown.

It’s obvious they haven’t had their coffee yet (“six sugars love”) as they take aim with their pipe cutters at targets such as ‘Crusading Nations’, ‘Grenfell’ and (spy) copper piping, all from that anarcho angle. And I have to say after all that I was expecting something here against the Royals, but I guess now they’re registered with CORGI compromises have to be made.

With members doing time in bands such as ALTERNATIVE, HAYWIRE and LIBERTY, as you’d imagine this eight song power slab is purpose built for fans of CONFLICT, EXIT-STANCE, OI POLLOI, NAUSEA, MISERY, AUS-ROTTEN and all those other heavy thumpers of the anarcho punk variety.

This eight song 10″ killer slab of hardcore punk is available on red, white and blue vinyl. You get your usual lyric sheet as well as a list of gas safety regulations, a guide to carbon dioxide sensors, and a how-to on energy performance certificates. Limited copies apparently come with a safety mask and goggles, although I could be just making that up like most of this. Contact your local AFU office for a competitive quote today…

Armoured Flu Unit Bandcamp

Buy the record here soon…

Grow Your Own Records



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