London area scene veterans featuring members of K-LINE, STUPIDS, DONE LYING DOWN, SINK and BAD DRESS SENSE among others, with this their first full length.

Intricate melodic punk with a heavy GOVERNMENT ISSUE feel in places, with layered guitars and a definite 60s influence, with Ed’s vocals reminiscent of Blake from JAWBREAKER.

The lyrics span from the personal to the political to the incredibly angry and it all gets topped off with their passionate love letter to the scene ‘Some Colours Never Fade’.

They sometimes break seamlessly into hardcore and to top it all off they throw in dub and bar room protest and it all ends up sounding like punk has finally heard its new ‘London Calling’.

On ‘Ask the Questions’ DEALING WITH DAMAGE showcase their highly developed song writing on a debut album that most bands could only dream of. Hear this record now.

“The stage and the studio. The sky and the road.
Paranoia and arrogance and feeling exposed.
A noise to believe in. Pot noodles and tea.
Tape lists and liner notes. Flyers and dreams.
Plugged into the underground. Thinking, drinking too much.
We made this community and it’s all about love.”

Some Colours Never Fade


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