So, how do you review a new KILLING JOKE album? Well this sounds like KILLING JOKE. Many have tried to imitate their highly influential and unique sound, but there can be only one.

From the off, their post-punk experiments incorporated many elements from metal riffs to dance rhythms, and all that is still evident nearly forty years later.

Jaz Coleman’s haunting vocal presence acts as social commentary, taking his cues from socio-political developments in the world, and adding his part mystic, part conspiracy theorist twist to reality.

A pounding tribal beat is the foundation for the signature KILLING JOKE crushing metallic guitar, that cuts to anthemic chorus, massive and often strangely sedative.

Their original sound remains intact, from their early work to their commercial ‘Night Time’ era and beyond, they have lost none of their bite or songwriting ability, and here we have yet another excellent addition to their discography.

Laugh? I actually bought one.

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